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How To Swap the CFT token

This is the DAPP made by CoinCrowd for CryptoForecast.
You can use this app to recive the ERC20 CFT new token.

Get your Bitcoin Private key

In order to use this dapp you need to get the Bitcoin Private Key of the address where you are storing the Omni CFT tokens.

If you hold your CFT tokens on an Exchange you MUST withdraw it to a new Bitcoon address and a private wallet where you hown the private key.

All the address, and the private key required for this application are in use only on your device. Is a cient side application. And work with different wallet.

The Snapshot of the Omni token

The snapshot will be taken on 16th April 2018 at 14.00 GMT+2

We will make a snapshot of the OMNI Token balance and address, using the API.

Don't move your token after the date of the snapshot!
Moving your token after the snapshot deadine will cause you to lost all your moved tokens.

Wallets supported

The MetaMask Chrome Extension is very easy to use. You just need to download the extension from the google repository, and follow the istruction of the Dapp.

CoinCrowd Wallet
The qrcode scan function of the send method of the CoinCrowd wallet will allow you to get your CFT token easly.
Downlad iOS version - Downlad Android Version

Other Ethereum and ERC20 wallets
Any pther Ethereum wallet that support all ERC20 tokens can be used whit this app.
The wallet must have also the advanced settings for the send methods to send raw data in the transaction to the smart contract for the token swap.
Here the list of supported wallets